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   In 1947, Navajo Missions founder Jack Drake moved from Michigan to minister at the Navajo Methodist Mission School in Farmington, New Mexico. When Jack and his wife were approached by Navajo families for support, their words broke Jack's heart.

  Jack resigned from Navajo Methodist Mission School in 1952 to build a children's home for needy and homeless Navajo children. When he applied for a $12,000 loan from the bank to purchase 12 acres of land, he was turned down. Instead, the president of the bank donated the money to Jack for this ministry.

  In 1953, founder Jack Drake pitched a borrowed tent on the west edge of Farmington. Thus began Navajo Missions, a ministry designed to care for children from the Four Corners region who needed a secure place to

call home until the situations in their natural home improved.

  After 53 years of providing hope and restoration to families in the Four Corners Region, Navajo Missions changed its name in 2006 to a more accurate name, Navajo Ministries.

  A mission is a place where a special duty is performed. Today, Navajo Ministries is located on 16 acres of land that fronts a five-lane highway and is home to programs including: The Four Corners Home for Children, Navajo Nation Outreach , KNMI Vertical Radio, and an On-Site Elementary School.

  In 2013, Eubank Counseling started their own business instead of being a program of Navajo Ministires. They are still located on the lower level of our Connection Center.

  We are an interdenominational ministry with over 30 staff members who are involved in over a dozen different churches . . . however, we have many ministries (outreach in serving people) that are impacting our neighbors in Navajoland. We are "ministers" of outreach and service to the diverse cultures of people found here in the Four Corners region.

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